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WHM hosting is popular as it includes both WHM and cPanel management systems

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Millions of websites use WHM hosting because it is a successful management system. It enables you to get to the back end of cPanel and it is where you can control one or more websites.

Whilst WHM, or Webhost Manager, is used for all types of web pages including personal sites it is most often used for business sites or others that get a lot of visitors. Her is some of what it enables you to do:

  • If one of your sites is hacked or attacked, the odds that the hacker can get into your other sites is dramatically reduced, which increases your security.
  • There is no way for someone to tell if accounts on different cPanels are attached to the same WHM account, which increases your privacy.
  • If you have multiple sites that need to take credit cards, using WHM saves you a lot of time, stress, and money. To be able to process credit cards you need an SSL certificate. To have an SSL certificate you must have a dedicated IP address, and you can only have one dedicated IP address per cPanel. If you are running multiple websites that need to be able to take credit cards, a Reseller account is much easier (and either less expensive or equal in cost – the break even point is two websites) to use to manage multiple cPanels than have to manage multiple accounts.
  • You have the ability to monitor and adjust your bandwidth and disk space, which can be key to keeping a quickly growing or popular site from being suspended or going down due to bandwidth overages. Since you can adjust your bandwidth and only upgrade when you really need it, this can dramatically reduce your costs.
  • Managing a large number of domains in one cPanel can be frustrating, especially if you update the files regularly. While we allow unlimited domains on a shared cPanel account, that does not mean it is always pleasant to work on that many domains in one cPanel.
  • You need to have several web sites that take credit cards, and each one needs it’s own cPanel for it’s own dedicated IP address.

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It is quite probable that your websites are already hosted on a server where you have access to WHM hosting. Unfortunately many people do not understand what it does or how to use it.  WHM hosting is well worth spending time on learning how to use it.

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