Virtual Private Server

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 What is a virtual private server?

The term virtual private server is something you will have come across whenever you have been looking for an Web hosting server racksonline web host for your web pages. It probably sounds like yet another highly technical piece of internet technology that you really want to stay away from.  Yes, it is highly technical but “no” you do not want to stay away from it.

A virtual private server works by having a physical server divided into multiple virtual machines (VMs) which run completely independently and isolated from one another. In this sense, a virtual private server acts and runs just like a physical server – in fact, the operating system on a virtual server does not know it is running in a visualized environment: as far as the operating system is concerned, it is running on a physical server.

The physical server runs special software that allows it to host virtual machines with computing resources like RAM and CPU being isolated in a way which means other virtual machines on the same physical server cannot access the resources which are being used by others. In other words, virtual servers are as secure as a physical server and offer much greater performance than any shared hosting environment.

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Why do you need to understand what a virtual private server is?

As your online business grows your need for web hosting will also grow and a VPS is an obvious route for many people to take.

It enables you to expand from a low level shared hosting account without going the full step up to your own dedicated server which has a higher cost.  A VPS is lower cost with most of the benefits you would look for in a dedicated server such as high performance web hosting and flexibility.

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