Web Design Trends

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Twenty current web design trends to use for your web pages New web design trends come along quite often just as they do in most things that involve visual appeal but what do your website visitors think of your web pages? Visitors to your website will assess your relevance on many things such as the [...]

WHM Hosting

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WHM hosting is popular as it includes both WHM and cPanel management systems Millions of websites use WHM hosting because it is a successful management system. It enables you to get to the back end of cPanel and it is where you can control one or more websites. Whilst WHM, or Webhost Manager, is used [...]

Configure The .htaccess File

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How to configure the .htaccess file in WordPress Learning how to configure the .htaccess file in your WordPress installs is essential to avoid catastrophic problems. The video refers to a specific hosting company but most web hosts offer exactly the same procedure on WHM (Webhost Manager) and cPanel. Unfortunately there are many people who want [...]

Virtual Private Server

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 What is a virtual private server? The term virtual private server is something you will have come across whenever you have been looking for an online web host for your web pages. It probably sounds like yet another highly technical piece of internet technology that you really want to stay away from.  Yes, it is [...]

Support System

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Use a live chat support system for your cloud host customers The online support system is used ever more frequently by web host suppliers. Good live support systems are covering an rapidly growing need in the cloud hosting sector. There has been an increasing number of organizations of all types that have moved to using [...]

Video Hosting Sites

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This video presents the names of 13 free video hosting sites and describes the general process of uploading video files. When you need to learn how to manage your website you will find great information on this website.