Configure The .htaccess File

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How to configure the .htaccess file in WordPress

Learning how to configure the .htaccess file in your WordPress installs is essential to avoid catastrophic problems.

The video refers to a specific hosting company but most web hosts offer exactly the same procedure on WHM (Webhost Manager) and cPanel.

Unfortunately there are many people who want to take down other peoples’ websites just for the fun of doing so. They like to show how their capabilities with internet related code is better than yours.

It’s time to show them you can defeat their malicious hacking attempts.

WordPress is used on many millions of websites and for that reason a number of suppliers have come up with various methods of helping to protect sites using WordPress.  Apart from those security tools all websites should use the most important security tool – the .htaccess file.  Note the “.” (dot).

A useful description of how it works is here:

Aside from plug-ins there are a number of additions you can make to your .htaccess file which in conjunction with plug-ins and regular updates will tighten up your site’s security and give you that extra level of protection.

I’m going to cover a few of these that I feel protect some of the essentials in your WordPress install and show you how and where to add the code snippets; you don’t have to use every single one, just whatever you feel would help you secure your site…

…Sounds crazy, huh? We spend so much time worrying whether we have the right plug-ins and fixes installed, we overlook the fact the .htaccess file is still open to attack.

…more at Protect Your WordPess Site With .htaccess

The internet security experts tell us that any unprotected website is very likely to be attacked at some time.  If you use WordPress then the probability increases because it is a blogging platform used by very many people and so offers the hackers a greater number of targets.

A very useful security tool to use in conjunction with your .htaccess file is WP-Security Scan from a world leading supplier.  Just click the link to see what they can do for your website security.  But don’t forget to configure .htacess file entries first.